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Open the Future with EXCO,
The Leading MICE Industry Innovator!

Thank you for visiting EXCO.

Starting construction in 1995, EXCO opened in 2001 as Korea’s first Exhibition&Convention Center outside of Seoul. Through the expansion of the 1st Exhibition Center(West Wing) in 2011, the opening of the 2nd Exhibition Center(East Wing) in 2021, and the successful holding of the 2022 World Gas Conference, EXCO has become an international Exhibition&Convention Center. We are constantly developing, serving as a center for import and export marketing and a key infrastructure for economic revitalization.

EXCO currently hosts more than 110 exhibitions and 1,500 meetings and events annually, attracting 2.5 million visitors. We also lead the development of the Meeting, Incentive tour, Convention, Exhibition (MICE) industry as the center of economy, culture, and tourism in Daegu and Gyeongsangbuk-do.
EXCO will prepare to take off as a global Exhibition&Convention Center beyond Korea to celebrate our 30th anniversary in 2025.

First, we will host exhibitions representing Korea. We will build a stronger cooperative system with the domestic and overseas MICE industries to host global exhibitions and conventions and those in connection with future industries.

EXCO will take the lead in revitalizing the local economy that grows together with the local community by creating future growth engine. In addition, we will faithfully fulfill our social responsibility by establishing a management system suitable for the MICE industry.

The market will open to companies, business inspiration will spring up for visitors, and happiness and impressions will be provided to cities and residents.

EXCO will always grow with you, opening the future.
Thank you.

EXCO is here for you!
2022. 9. 1.
President & CEO
Lee Sang-Gil